Terms and Condition

  • Commercials will be valid for two months from the date of this proposal.
  • Payment: The monthly invoice will be raised by service provider on the 7th of every month and submitted for payment. The payments shall be made within Seven (7) days from receipt of invoice
  • Incidental expenses – necessitated to ensure that the licenses / registrations, renewals are realized. The payments shall be made within Seven (15) days from receipt of invoice.
  • The contract is valid for three year period. The fee structure is for a period of one year starting effective date and shall stand automatically increased by 10% at the end of every 12-month period on the then prevailing rate.
  • Services Contract will be provided on confirmation of mandate along with Work Flow
  • SDK will receive monthly Collated inputs of the client from a single point of Contact.
  • Legacy issues, if any, would be at extra cost, based on the quantum of work involved.
  • Taxes: extra as applicable.
  • Client will deduct at appropriate rate, under provisions of the IT Act, Income tax at source at the time of payment of professional fees, excluding reimbursements towards out-of-pocket, travel etc. expenses. At year-end Client will provide TDS certificate by 30th April to service provider.