Audit & Consultation

SDK provide the true support for quick redressal of the wrong committed and deterrent signals, clearly demonstrating consequences of non-compliance , we continuously endeavor to add value to Corporate Governance and to make the client free from financial liabilities

In the system of Governance in the corporate world, it is evident that the Board would play a crucial role in fulfilling its fiduciary and other responsibilities. The liability of the Board would have to be clear and absolute for the actions of the company. SDK help clients to make better decisions, reduce costs, build more effective organizations and develop appropriate technology approach.

The increasing global business strategy increases the complexity of principles, regulations, and the cultures in which organizations operate. Increasing litigation, legislation, and regulations will carry important compliance implications. Ever growing competition will increase the pressure on organizations to enhance productivity. In the current economic scenario, the corporate governance has become increasingly indispensable. Continuing globalization requests a controls review as part of the due diligence process when making an acquisition or entering into a joint venture. A “Controls Due Diligence” review is necessary to gain early warning of any key control weaknesses in the target companies.

Service Highlights

  • Audit records pertaining to Labour Laws.
  • Understand the current compliance status.
  • Assess risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis..
  • Formulation of HR policies in line with labour laws.
  • Consultation & opinion on business models of varied services.

Consultation for handling cases like:

  • Receipt of notices.
  • Internal Disciplinary proceedings.
  • Policy formulation.

Consultation on all labour legislations:

  • Business startups to Mergers & acquisitions.
  • Closure or transfers.

Value Proposition to Clients

  • Access to a pool of readily usable information/amendments in labour laws..
  • To review compliance with tons of laws and regulations.
  • To conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.